Kundalini Yoga in Chairs! teaches classes and presentations through out the Chicagoland area. Currently classes are held at Weiss Hospital Senior Center in Chicago, IL; the Oak Park Arms in Oak Park, IL, and The Breakers, Chicago, IL- senior living communities. Besides those regular classes, Kundalini Yoga in Chairs! does presentations on how Kundalini Yoga can improve the quality of life, reduce impact of stress, memory and cognitive issues and help with reducing return of symptoms at such groups as the the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group of Forest Park and the Depression and Bi-polar Support Group in Rogers Park, IL and a Fight Ataxia Project meeting.

Contact Shiva Singh to arrange a class or presentation shivasingh@spiritrisingfoundation.org
Kundalini Yoga in Chairs

One student came to me and said she was a nursing student and working on a project on what are the seniors doing for their health in the area. After class I asked her how she felt. She said the class was wonderful and is exactly what seniors need is breath work. I the spinal kriya this week with a lot of breath work. she said she had practiced Kundalina yoga before a few years back and this brought back how wonderful it was.  In the next few sentences I found out that she was a student of you and she traded massages (she was a massage therapist at the time) for Kundalini  classes. How awesome is this!!!!   Sat Nam   S S Kaur, KY in Chairs Teacher

WOW! Shiva, I have had the most amazing comments about Yoga in Chairs.
The members want to see you every week! DB Senior Center Program Director