Snatam Kaur Chicago 2013 - A wonderful visit to the Oak Creek Gurdwara for kirtan and a workshop with the children. Then the concert at the beautiful Auditorium at Northeastern Illinois University and her workshop at Levy Center in Evanston. Snatam and the band, Todd Boston and Ramesh Kannan inspired, entertained and energized all. It was also so healing for people who knew she would be a source of peace and solace.
Snatam Kaur leading a wonderful workshop
with the children at Oak Creek.

Shabad Kaur with Tabitha Carney and
Surindergeet Kaur, part of the Team
Snatam practicing her kirtan with Maninder
Singh, Shabad Kaur and Nirinder Kaur.
   Lorraine doing ironing
seva at the concert.
Our friend and board
member, Beant Singh
Bopari watches
as Holly, Punjab Singh's
Physical Therapist.
Punjab Singh is recovering
from his injuries during the shootings last year.
Snatam Kaur's Workshop


Registration at Snatam Kaur's concert at
North Eastern Illinois University
Snatam Kaur receives a saropa at
Oak Creek Gurdwara
Snatam Kaur and Punjab Singh's family
with Holly his Physical Therapist.