Spirit Rising Yoga Center (SRY)


- dusting the shelves, books, etc. 
- swiffering floors 
- periodic washing floors 
- water and care for the plants 
- monitoring drinking water 
- tidying blankets mats
- Laundry, blankets, headcoverings
- organizing bookshelves

SRY Projects: 

- Location Location Location - Help determine what we would best need and find that new location for SRY to share more of the teachings to more people and impact their lives. 

- Long Term Library project, copy, organize by topic and catalog loose notes and out of print materials 

- Yogi Bhajan Lecture Audio Tapes - identify dates that are already in digital form at Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings 

- Long Term Yogi Bhajan Lecture Audio Tapes Project - listen to audio tapes and transcribe teachings including but not limited to yoga exercises and sets, meditations, food and diet, relationships and predictions.

- Social Networkers - who is a regular user of Facebook, and other social networking sites, understand how they work and update with SRY events, classes, workshops, interesting articles, etc. Also to post inspiring and uplifting Yogi Bhajan's daily quotes.

Champions -
a person who is passionate about or defends a cause

Spirit Rising Foundation (SRF):
- Seva Champions - to identify seva opportunities in the broader communities to share the teachings in under served communities 

- Social Networking Champions - who are regular uses of Facebook, and other social networking sites, understand how they work and update with SRF events, seva opportunities, interesting articles, etc. that move forward SRF's mission. 

- Outreach Champions - helping create new ways to let people know about what we are doing and to inspire folks to be a part of our SRF community, such as postcards, handouts, stickers, and frankly what really works for people. 

- SRF Website Contributors - Be a regular contributor to our website to keep it updated, contemporary, inspiring and interesting. Blogging, articles, testimonials, humor, recipes, images like in any publication or website various contributors who cover food or seniors, or the Universe as long as it is graceful and conscious. 

- SRF Visionaries - Long term planning, visioning, dreaming and imagining.