Private Sessions with Shiva Singh

Our lives are made up of multiple roles, relationships and responsibilities. The foundation of a conscious life, one of grace, courage and contentment is the connection with our own sources of consciousness and vitality that allows us to navigate and sail effortlessly through the often turbulent ocean of life.

Shiva Singh works with you to manifest access to the inner qualities and understandings that carry you forward with a balance of uplifting conversation, listening, yoga, meditation and insight suited to the individual's best outcomes.

These one-to-one sessions with Shiva Singh are an invaluable opportunity to expand awareness, challenge concepts of self and move forward in growth both physically, mentally and spiritually. The true success however, is not just what the session will provide but what is absorbed and through sincere practice and honest effort achieve a life that is happy, healthy and holy.

Over three decades ago Yogi Bhajan looked at Shiva Singh and gave him his "Destiny Name". "Shiva" is known as the "Liberator, the one who moves you through your final block and attachment". His "third eye sees what is real and burns to ashes the desires that entangle us". He is the "yogi who is aware of each and every working of the mind and the world". As the "Lord of the Dance" initiates "destruction and rebirth". Many who know him clearly understand why he has this name.

Shiva Singh is a Senior Teacher of the Yoga of Awareness Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan as well as a lifetime on the Spiritual Path. He is a Minister of Divinity and provides nondenominational Pastoral Counseling.

His one hour sessions are $84, longer sessions please add an additional $21 per 15 minutes.

Shiva Singh can be reached at or 773-480-3272 to schedule a session or discuss in more detail.