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Level 2 Teacher Training Course 2015
Lifestyles & Lifecycles
To know where we came from & where we are going.

Jan. 31-Feb. 1, Feb. 21-22, March 7 & 14, 2015

A schedule structured to allow you to thoroughly understand and
integrate the materials into your daily life.

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Your spirituality is basic and authentic. Its natural authenticity does many good things for you.
What supports and carries you through challenge, temptation, and pain?
It is not my money, not my friends, not my power, and not my status.
It is the light of my soul that can carry me.
It is my statement, my depth, and my impact from the heart.
  Yogi Bhajan
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  Tu espiritualidad es básica y auténtica.Tu autenticidad natural hace muchas cosas buenas para ti.
¿Qué te apoya y te sostiene mediante el desafío, la tentación y el dolor?
No es mi dinero, ni mis amigos, ni es mi poder, ni mi estatus.
Es la luz de mi alma que me puede sostener.
Es mi declaración, mi profundidad y mi impacto desde el corazón.
  Yogui Bhajan