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An immersion in conscious living....
16th Annual
The Aquarian Teacher
KRI Level One Teacher Training Program
in Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan®

October 2014 - June 2015

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~~ Free Info Sessions! ~~
Saturday, August 16th, 10-11 am
Saturday, September 6th, 10-11 am
An opportunity to have your questions answered,
meet the lead trainers and a previous graduate of the course,
view the teaching space, and enjoy some Yogi Tea and refreshments!


Women's Full Moon Workshop
August: Harvest Moon

 Sunday, August 17th, 6-8 pm
With Shabad Kaur Khalsa, LCPC, LMFT,  E-RYT 500

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Fill your summer with inspiration & learning at Spirit Rising Yoga Center!

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Winter Solstice Celebration 2013
One of the Goals of Practicing Kundalini Yoga-
On his journey, Guru Nanak met a celibate yogi, or Sanyaasee, at the city of Dipalpur. This yogi
asked the Guru to tell him the meaning of udaas or "renunciation". Guru Nanak replied,
"To make use of all things in this world and not to consider them one's own,
but only as God's property, and always to long to merge in God, that is renunciation."

What people are saying about their experience with Kundalini Yoga Teachers trained at Spirit Rising Yoga:

"I want you to know that your Kundalini class really moved me, I had tears welling in my eyes after you finished playing the gong.  I felt more in that hour and 15 minutes than in all of the Hatha classes that I've taken.  I also love all of the knowledge you pass along during class!  I'm looking forward to learning more and deepening my practice. Thank you and I will see you next Sunday."
"I haven't been able to sleep for years, I toss and turn until 1 or 2 in the morning. Since I've been doing your Yoga in Chairs! I've slept 9 hours straight! Thank you so much."

"I've practiced yoga for 9 years trying to learn how to meditate and until today, this was the first time I could be still."

Yogi Bhajan quote:

We have been told to search God. But so long as you are searching, you want
to find. Whatever you want to search, you want to find and if you are not
finding, you are in pain, you search more and more and more and that's what maya is. Maya is 'Whatever I have is not sufficient, I want more.' That is Maya. And what is divine: 'Whatever I have is more than enough. Thank you.' Once you have an attitude of gratitude your search is finished, the moment your search is finished your pain is gone. 
Yogi Bhajan 8/20/91
Traducción en Español::
Nos han dicho que busquemos a Dios. Pero siempre y que tu estés buscando,
tu deseas encontrar. Cualquier cosa que quieres buscar, tu quieres
encontrarla y si no la encuentras, tu tienes dolor, tu buscas cada vez más
y más, y eso es lo que es maya. Maya es "Lo que sea que tengo no es
suficiente, quiero más." Esto es Maya. Y lo que es divino: "Todo lo que
tenemos es más que suficiente. Gracias". Una vez que tengas una actitud de
gratitud tu búsqueda ha terminado, el momento en que tu búsqueda termine,
tu dolor desaparece.
Yogui Bhajan 8/20/91